Push to Window

The only way I know to predict the future of science is to look at the choices of beginning graduate students   –   Daniel Kahneman

And propaganda thrust into a community looks way more dodgy than propaganda in a paid ad on TV. We’re more sensitive to it here. The big worry? the implications of ad-funding as THE model. If all our actions are made possible by that, we’re complicit or parasitic… We either ‘pay our way’ by buying the shit that gets advertised, or we are happy to let someone else’s untrammeled consumption pay for us   –    Steve Lawson

It is important to discuss the emerging power of algorithms as new gatekeepers. Not as bad as old media, sure, but still powerful  –  Zaynep Tufecki

The most important reasons have to do with the snowballing replicability of the iPhone framework. The App Store model has boomeranged back to the PC. There’s now an App Store for the Mac to match that of the iPhone and iPad, and it carries the same battery of restriction  –  Jonathan Zittrain

Get ready, too, because AI bias is going to start replacing human cognitive bias more and more regularly  –  Alexis Madrigal