The other side of the coin: reverse paradigm

Set up: The crew have discovered a transmogrifier and have accidentally turned Kryten (an android) into a human. He has some questions for Lister.

KRYTEN: Now then, uh, my optical system doesn’t appear to have a zoom function.

LISTER: No, human eyes don’t have a zoom.

KRYTEN: Well then, how do you bring a small object into sharp focus?

LISTER: Well, you just move your head closer to the object.

KRYTEN: I see.  Move your head … closer, hmm, to the object.  (He practises with the list.) All right, okay.  Well, what about other optical effects, like split screen, slow motion, Quantel?

LISTER: No. We don’t have them.

KRYTEN: You don’t have them — just the zoom?  Hmm.  (He holds up one hand in a placating gesture.) Well, no, that’s fine, that’s great, no, no, that’s really great, that’s great.  Now then, my nipples don’t work.


Youtube: watch this


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