5 things this time

Starry night. A nice piece by Petros Vrellis using Van Gogh’s Starry night as a canvas. Impressive in its initial presentation things get more interesting around the 1.45 mark when the interactivity begins. Worth the wait.


Here is a, somewhat grim, but nonetheless still fascinating insight into how cultural expression can move from original media into real life. This example is particularly intriguing to me, perhaps, because this may just be the first such transfer of cultural expression from my teenage years that I have noticed.

Robert Alton Harris, executed in California in 1992 for the brutal murder of 2 teenage boys. His last words ….

You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper


Maciej Ceglowski makes a good point about why you should want to pay for your essential web services. Maciej runs Pinboard, a social bookmarking site, with a onetime signup fee that increases by a small amount every time a new user signs up. I am not a user, so am not able to endorse the product. However his logic is nonetheless quite seductive and says something very interesting about the modern tech ecosystem.

What if a little site you love doesn’t have a business model? Yell at the developers! Explain that you are tired of good projects folding and are willing to pay cash American dollar to prevent that from happening


Just really cool. I had one of these once.

The iceball that is, not the iceball maker. It kept my drink, an old fashioned, at the right temperature all the way to the end…without melting enough to dilute it at all. Wonderful.


Twine. Sweet little kickstarter tech project that delivers a surprisingly simple way to interface everyday objects with the internet. Each Twine has wireless connectivity, a series of sensors and the functionality to email or tweet according to a set of prearranged rules. So, if you want to get an automatic message when your basement floods you could set up a twine with the moisture sensor and set it to tweet you at a certain trigger level. Other sensors, currently, include a temperature sensor, an accelerometer (for vibration, impact, and motion detection) and a magnetic switch which is useful for doors and anything else that moves. As I said, sweet.



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