More quick links

Here is some additional detail on Tom Lowe, the film maker who spoke directly to the Pirate Bay forums, as I wrote here. I was rudely offended by the reality of the censorship of TPB, not because I wanted to download the movie, but because I wanted to see how the discussion would play out. It looks like I wasn’t the only one with curiosity. I’m glad to say that John Biggs of Techcrunch caught up with Tom and asked him directly about the experience. The article is here.

Here is the Vimeo preview of the film in question, which in fact is actually quite stunning.


Score one for Wales. We can’t seem to get the rugby together so instead I’m going to shout proudly about our advances in the field of barcoding fauna. For real.

We present the first national DNA barcode resource that covers the native flowering plants and conifers for the nation of Wales (1143 species)


More from Scotland on ecological innovations in energy. Props to Scottish Power.

A 30-meter- turbine anchored to the seafloor off the Scottish coast is proving that tidal farms are a turn closer to being a viable renewable energy source.


Finally a wonderful youtube clip about chocolate. Specifically this is about the Mast Brothers, a couple of hipsters in Brooklyn who make their own chocolate (from beans to wrapping). I first spotted these guys over a year ago (logged here). Reading about their intentions to only use beans that they had had delivered from South America by sailboat, I was enamoured but sceptical. It seems I should not have been a sceptic. Here is an update.



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