JB Links (1)

A highly lucid account of why Facebook is likely to fail on its promise of untold riches. Written before the IPO this is an account, from a 1st generation user, listing solid reasons why the future is bleak for Facebook. From demographics (FB is more popular with the over 65’s than the under 18’s) to an intelligent view of the impact that the transfer to mobile access has had / will have on ad revenue. As an aside the first 2 comments (not withstanding the replies to those comments) come from self-confessed oldies, both arguing that the original article is wrong. I can’t think of a better recommendation for the articles key premise.


Interesting article from the guardian arguing that the recent pirate bay ban is not only self-defeating, which is demonstrably true as traffic is up, but that we as a citizenry have been remiss to allow such censorious action without sufficient debate.


Lots of good data here examining in some detail the art of the digital checkout. The single biggest factor to improve checkout rates? Free shipping. Makes sense once you hear it but good to see the numbers backing it up, the data for Amazon Prime is stunning. Nice information on the digital to physical interchange also, including Apple’s Personal pickup feature that allows you to order via your phone then pick it up later in store. Staff will be alerted of your presence via geo-location technology, find you in the store and hand you your purchase.


Awesome panoramic view from inside the Large hadron collider. Best viewed as full screen.


Mitchell and Webb’s rather wonderful take on identify theft. It’s often the case that comedians get to make the most insightful observations.



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