JB Links (3)

This could steal a lot of your time, probably best to move on if you have a busy day ahead of you. Its an interactive map of the world that shifts the land mass of individual countries in response to a variety of different data sets. Broad topics cover people, planet, business, politics and living while there are separate maps for differentials within the US and Japan. They are adding new data sets all the time so definitely one for your bookmarks.



This is a very short, but sweetly instructive Wikipedia post summarising in 5 simple statements what goes wrong with teams. Sad to say its all rather familiar.



Eric Raymond is an interesting man. In equal measure he inspires both massive respect and trepidation, at least in my experience. He is one of the founding and outspoken members of the original movement towards open source software and as such has some very important contributions. On the other hand he does represent a lot of what I find, more than faintly, scary about modern America. His blog is named “Armed and Dangerous, Sex, software, politics and firearms. Life’s simple pleasures…” . So, his presentation of American libertarianism aside this post is a dynamite must read. If you have ever wondered why some people complain about Apple’s closed garden this explains in clear non partisan terms what the problem is. Evaluating the harm from closed source



A stunning story of courage from the Korean war culled from the wall of noise that is Reddit. Speaks for itself.