10 Youtube videos from 2012

Charlie Brooker nails the appalling way that the media responds to mass shootings

The Live and Let Die alligator stunt. Who knew they were real alligators

Awesome visual trick and how to make it. The brain is so easily tricked

Tim O’Reilly’s keynote of OSCON 2012

Michael Phelps sinks a monster putt. Swimming’s not enough !

Britney Spears’s live microphone without autotune. You knew it would be bad, but this bad!

Lenny Kravitz comes across a choir singing his tunes in the French Quarter in New Orleans

Plurality, a great little film (15 minutes) investigating a privacy free future. A film maker with a future, surely

A very public spat between 2 fairly strange academics that once were lovers. Surreal

My most favourite TV magician clip ever


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