Overheard snippets of an imaginary conversation

– All of you. Unbelievable.

– Why?

– You’re asking why.

– Ok.

– Because of your uncritical. Yes, your uncritical. Your uncritical everything. For the sake of all that is good, get rid of it.



– When something new and exciting arrives did you ever ask if its a good thing? And if you found you needed other information to answer that question did you go and find that information. It’s important. Strive to understand what is happening, why it’s happening.

– Have an opinion. A real one.

– And, maybe you still use that service, even with misgivings maybe, but at least do so with knowledge.



– Do the reading, do the goddamn reading, however much it seems like a pain. You need to be able to spot the edge case. The situation where your arsehole is about to get invaded by technology. A personal disaster.

– If you decide to use that technology don’t be the disaster.

– The disaster that gets the law changed. Not to stop the law being changed, this isn’t activism, but to not be the disaster. Disaster isn’t good. Don’t be the disaster.

– Do the reading.  


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