3 very timely observations

As the W3C proceeds with its soul destroying insistence on playing around with DRM in the browser as a standard (and yes I do understand that they deny such a thing, I nonetheless dismiss their floundering excuses, EME may only be a socket for DRM but that’s close enough for me) it is worth reading up on the real purpose of DRM. While we all believe it’s a about stopping piracy the real goal of quietly building leverage over playback device makers continues. Read Ian Hickson’s excellent explanation here.


Sticking with Google for the moment, and opening an intriguing perspective on 2 ‘new’ tech trends we can once again thank the world for xkcd. Airwaves.


Finally with the announcement of the Thiel fellows I can happily plug in more and more evidence to support trends originally brought to my attention by the writing of Venkat Rao. In this case it is confirmation of his contention, within his opinion that the y-combinator model is the new labour class, that startup and incubator culture is one element of the new education/ university paradigm.


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