Oblique links and secondary implications

1. We all know that different people get different results for the same searches on Google, because of the way that Google has captured our past searching history and uses it to deliver a more personalised experience. There is no conspiracy here. The intention is clear, to provide a better more valuable search experience. This short article shows that, whatever the desires are, the outcome is not always positive.

Three of us immediately found it on Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, and Google Books, for free. The person who actually needed the book, a basic math textbook had a completely different set of results. Amazon. Half.com. Barnes 
and Noble. Places you pay.

2. I don’t intend to pass comment on the justice or the injustice of the Bradley Manning case. I do however, confess to being slightly flummoxed by the decision to provide no formal / official record of his trial. Now, that can be interpreted in any number of ways and in favour of both sides of the debate. What makes significantly less sense is that there will be a record, sanctioned by the US administration but paid for by a crowd funded project. Surreal.

In other words, it’s a lone court reporter, frantically trying to tap out all the details down, technologically unaided, sequestered in a separate room, in one uninterrupted marathon session. And this will be the definitive record of the trial for public consumption.

3. Drones good? Drones bad? Either way they are about to get a bespoke OS. Very interesting.

Using drones, farmers can inexpensively survey crops to better allocate water and fertilizer. Studies show this can raise food yields over 25% while decreasing water usage by 40%.


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