4 videos, music, sport, comedy and geology

They are all worth a look, especially the geology one.

1. Music. If you thought Marvin Gaye’s ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’ was good then hearing his vocal performance isolated from the rest of the track is a must. You know he’s good, but this is just such a great way to show how good…

2. Sport. Skiing. This fella is genuinely unaware that he has triggered an avalanche and, as a result, executes a back flip just as the snow starts to catch him. He remains safe and makes it to the bottom of the run. Belongs in a Bond movie.

3. Comedy. We are the cyclists. I don’t drive but I still don’t like cyclists on the pavement.

4. Geology. Geological time is also now. Stunning footage of a cliff face collapsing in France.




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