Some interesting videos

The first 2 are about facial substitution or puppetry. I think they are pretty intriguing especially the one that is looking to replace a human face with a human face. It’s impressive as tech today, but one day it will be impressive because the tech will be so good that you won’t know if the face you see on your computer screen has been substituted or not.

Next up we have Quang + Ellie: Slow motion booth. I’m pretty sure that Quang + Ellie are the bride and groom, that the slow motion booth was set up at their wedding reception and that whoever did the editing job did a damn good job. A great concept, awesome souvenir of a wedding and probably works so well in that particular context because of all the booze. Nice and uplifting.

[edit – well we did have Quang and Ellie until the rights holders for Robin Thicke’s blurred lines, which was the backing track to the video, went to killjoy entitlement towers and sent out a load of takedowns. I suspect that they acted within their rights but the people who made this video make wedding videos, not songs, or websites that profit from songs and i can see no conceivable loss to the rights holders whatsoever, especially as anyone can find the song in a whole bunch of places, some controlled by RT’s setup. Meanwhile here is a different version with the soundtrack missing]

There’s a deep message in this one, but if you don’t fancy working it all out it’s also a very engaging piece of visual awesomeness

Finally a short brain burner. Don’t give up on this the payoff (and to manage expectations it’s not so awe inspiring, but it is fairly cool) is all in the last 15 seconds, but don’t just skip to the end. If you are that short of time then this is not for you anyway.


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