Just 2 links about content

This is a nice example of what beautiful content could look like. Its a fairly long and informative piece about the various manoeuvrings and territorial disputes in the South China Sea between China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan. Its worth a read if you want to know whats going on there. But it is also definitely worth a look if you have ever wondered what the digital landscape can offer for journalists over and above words on paper, or even words on a screen. Its really very well done, combining words, pictures, maps, video, and audio in one organised and linear narrative. You need to launch this in your browser to see what I mean. This is really really good stuff.
Dan Meyer is a teacher and now one of the more important people out there interested in what digital school books should look like. This post explains 2 tests he puts new electronic textbooks through when he evaluates them. His overarching question is straightforward enough, “is it any different” (from a paper text book), but dividing that query up into “digital” and “networked” reveals a surprisingly useful checklist of features that any digital communications could / should get value from whether they are educational communications or otherwise.

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