Culture Shock (just a little) via Youtube

You need 1 big warehouse, about to be demolished, owned by decent folk willing to hand it over to some graffiti artists, a film maker with a nice handle on stop motion, some inspiring tunes….and what you get is this. Very cool.


I only knew of Max Headroom as the first ‘computer generated’ TV host from British telly in 1984. I hadn’t thought about him for years until I came across this clip of a pirate hijack of Dr Who on a Chicago PBS affiliate in 1987. Very surreal. I think if i had been calmly watching Dr Who when this happened I would have been a little perturbed, perhaps depending on how late it was.


I think there are a few different types of moments when a cultural artifact can be considered to have come of age, or at least to have revealed a relevance and subsequently has a chance of remaining in our cultural record. This, for me, is the moment that Chatroulette showed why it should exist. Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball as you’ve never seen it before.


Finally, a nod to higher production values. Its advertising, but it is also a lovely little bit go film making too. from Google India.


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