Internet toys….


The less said about this the better, i don’t want to preempt whats going on with a description. Click the link and then work out what its all about. Keep going, its not obvious at first at all.

This one is more obvious. A nice interactive image generator.

The radioactive orchestra is a dose of geeky nerd musical awesomeness. In the vein of simple online mixers this one is based on the real properties of thousands of radioactive isotopes. Not massively flexible if truth be known but fun.

I must have had at least 5 or 6 kaleidoscopes for Christmas when I was younger, over the years. Is this what children of the future will get instead, a url and 10 minutes in front of a screen (which was about how long my attention was kept by the non digital versions)

Finally my favourite strobe illusion, nicely showing how much of our perceptive data input can be gamed by fairly simple mechanisms. The effect of this is really emphatic.


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