Bringing the past to life


Not a big deal, but something I liked.

Here is another example of reddit, as a community, taking an idea and adding value. Like the Ukraine unrest, which I talked about in my last post, this is also about violence, but this time from 1945.

Whereas much of this could have been done without a web community to organise it I very much doubt it would have happened, and more pertinently (for me at least) I am sure it would not have come to my attention.

Aside from the actions of the reddit historyporn sub which made these edits (impressive), which I think really elevates the way this story is presented, these photos are also simply a reminder of war and its mundane brutality. The transformation from 1945 to 2013 is chilling.

Oberdorla, Germany, 1945: American soldiers come under sniper fire having lost one soldier.

US troops 1945 oberdorla

The original photo

Edit 1 - colorised

Edit 1 – colorised

Edit 2 - Oberdorla as it is today

Edit 2 – Oberdorla as it is today

Edit 3 - overlay onto 2013 Oberdorla

Edit 3 – overlay onto 2013 Oberdorla

The image of Oberdorla today was provided by the reddit user u/Mugros who as a result of seeing the original photo being posted went there and took a bunch of photos which were then hosted on imgur and also posted in the reddit thread.

Those photos can be found here.

u/siliconbunny adds a lot more detail and related links here.

Finally Google maps 360 panorama from the same spot.



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