Cars, Cars, Washing Machines and Paxman

I can’t even start to understand how much time this must have taken. Really nice idea though.

Another video that must have taken some time to make. I can understand how this would have been easier to commit to, there’s a love of model racing cars in everyone (ok, mostly men). A nice juxtaposition with the stickbomb meme. This is good video content marketing. Not really suitable for a TV ad but 2.5 million views on Youtube is pretty good.

This film from the clever folks at Berg explores how we can make even the more mundane of modern appliances sharper and more intelligent by the, relatively, simple application of basic modern tech and a fresh angle on connectivity. Washing machines.

Finally, for no other reason than that it is TV gold and I recently stumbled across it, Paxman grilling Michael Howard and insisting (unsuccessfully) on getting an answer to his question. I imagine that on the day Howard thought he had won the exchange, but the permanence of modern media really leaves him with a legacy as the poster boy for politicians who refuse to answer questions.


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