3 Movies I want to see

This is top of the list and is subtitled too. A Chinese film, Trap Street looks at issues of governmental surveillance and the ‘smaller’ day to day things that can happen under the conditions of a modern surveillance society. Its made in and about China but presumably has resonance for us all considering the context of Snowden’s revelations. This particular clip shows how the surveillance function is pervasive and executed for all sorts of reasons, good and bad, by the government and by the population too. I love the idea of a personal map populated by the spatial and time locked events in a life, both grand and essential, even while I can be horrified at the privacy issues it raises.


I think this is more about showcasing progress in the science and art of film making and VFX but I really hope they make it into a fully realised and full length feature. Its a short trailer but full of dramatic potential.


Errol Morris, the acclaimed director of the Fog of War here turns his documentary making skills onto the controversial figure of Donald Rumsfeld. The film is made with full access to Rumsfeld himself who talks through his version of history (adviser to 4 presidents) via the exploration of memos he had written as world events played out around him.


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