James Bridle’s Rorschmap – Streetview edition

James Bridle is the man behind the New Aesthetic, and an all round interesting person. Aside from making some truly important and reflective observations about the nature of our modern digital life he also spends time making artifacts that allow us to play and interact with various elements of the digital world. Like his Rorschmap, a sort of kaleidoscope for Google maps, and, even more fun, Rorschmap for Streetview. You can lose yourself in this ‘toy’ for hours. Here are a few of my favourite images.

#rorschmap_ Street View Edition - 2013-11-02_23.51.12

#rorschmap_ Street View Edition - 2013-11-02_23.45.04

#rorschmap_ Street View Edition - 2013-11-03_00.08.02

#rorschmap_ Street View Edition - 2013-11-02_23.52.44